Fintech Marketplace

The objective of the marketplace is to create a space for partnership building between financial institutions and technology companies in order to encourage innovation and digitalization in microfinance sector. This dedicated space at the conference venue will allow selected fintechs to present their services and share experience of working with microfinance institutions.


Bondster Marketplace (

Bondster is a online marketplace for loans where investors can invest into loans that have been already provided by alternative lenders such as microfinance institutions or non-banking lenders. Bondster offers to these lenders the access to flexible and scalable funding for their development, expansion or provision of new loans. More than 6000 investors have already refinanced loans in the total amount of EUR 15 million that had been provided by more than 10 lenders.

Karolina Fund (

Karolina Fund provides a full technical infrastructure and know-how for variety of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing solutions. The solutions enable customers to do online fundraising, investment  and collaboration in a smarter and more efficient manner. Karolina Fund has been running and building crowdfunding solutions since 2012, cooperating with leading crowdfunding platforms, research institutions and authorities in the Nordics and Central Europe. (

Launched in 2018, operates a cloud-based decision-making platform specialised in interpreting microfinance data. We generate recommendations on amounts to be disbursed to clients (credit scoring) and other data analytics with the objective to facilitate the access of microfinance institutions to artificial intelligence. We also provide industry-tailored dashboards for performance management and credit risk. 

This is data warehousing and data science as a service. algorithms have proven successful in more than 10 countries.

But technology is just one part of the equation. Rubyx consulting also supports the entire product development process, ensures that all aspects of the underwriting process are aligned to deliver the expected outcomes.

Tarfinm (

Farmers in Turkey have difficulty accessing farm inputs with competitive financing as they are either thin-file and under-collateralized or they find applying for a bank loan too time-consuming and cumbersome. As a result, they are left to financing their purchases through expensive vendor finance.

Using proprietary ML algorithms and its reliable retailer network, Tarfin provides farmers with access to high-quality farm inputs and instant and competitive financing terms.

Since its founding in February 2017, Tarfin sold and financed over TRY 20 mil of fertilizers, seeds, feedstuffs in more than 3,000 transactions. Tarfin’s digital solution has helped over 2,400 farmers in 920 villages scattered across the country access better performing farm inputs with cheaper financing terms and operate their farming businesses more profitably and more sustainably.


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